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Does the dual degree system benefit students?

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Dropout needs to be closed

Finally, our government has begun to focus on bridging the gaps in the education system. For these decades, we have ignored skill-based education. India produces a record number of graduates each year, but most of them are unemployed or limited to trivial jobs due to lack of scholarly flow skills. Unfortunately, the vast majority of students focus on getting a bachelor’s degree rather than research-related skills. Great careers and career advancements require dedication, patience, and hard work, which are the links lacking in today’s generation. This dropout needs to be closed.

–T Seshu, Warangal Economics Lecturer

It secures a productive professional

Those who have a skill set have better understanding, logical thinking, and faster learning. Skill-based education definitely secures better productive talent. Skilled diploma holders / graduates have a bright future for his career and are expected to culminate in his chosen field. Teachers need to be familiar with presentation skills in order to make students valuable and productive.

-Narrender Bab, Principal,

Gousami Junior College, Nargonda

It’s time to make the education system more practical and results-oriented

Education needs to provide students with knowledge and skill sets in order for them to fully meet the demands of the industry and seize opportunities globally. Unfortunately, the ruler simply followed the British slavery education system and created an educational institution as a factory that produced only graduates of basic knowledge. This is a good time to change the existing education system to be more practical and results-oriented, and to move the country from the developing country list to the developed country list in the next decade.

-Nivas, artist, Nargonda

Skill centers need to be established for all members

Breathing is important to life, so skills are also important for students to prove their energy and achieve their goals. Countries with skill sets are more advanced than others. Since the industry is in desperate need of skilled workers, setting up a skill center at each configuration point will support semi-skilled and unskilled people, and setting up a skill center at a university will give students a bright future. Will bring.

–Namireddy Srinivas Reddy,

Advocate, Nargonda

The industry looks for young people with skills

Today’s global requirements for employability have changed dramatically. Degree is no longer important. Employers these days are not considering high qualifications or multiple degrees to hire people. They are looking for young people with employability skills such as communication skills, entrepreneurial skills and ICT skills. Most talented people fail in the first round of the interview itself. The people who lead the organization have noticed that the degree does not provide them with the skill sets they need to work within the system. Therefore, they are prepared to hire undergraduate students and invest in properly training them to meet their requirements. Employment trends changed in the 21st century. Now it’s skills first, then bachelor’s degree.

–B Shafiullah, IFS, Secretary, TMREIS, Hyderabad