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Judge governing in the case of raw U.S. guns from mass shootings

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Massive fire in Texas, New York, and California reminds Americans, and the US Supreme Court will soon rule the largest gun in more than a decade. This is expected to make it easier to carry one of the largest guns in the United States in public. City.

Already there is an unpleasant spotlight on leaked draft opinions that will be rejected. Roe v. WadeJudges, a national right to abortion, also face the possibility of a backlash from the gun case. In either case, the court may rule that it is not popular with the majority of people in the United States.

“I think the courts are heading to an unknown sea. I can’t remember the last time the Supreme Court ruled that it was likely to cause strong political backlash,” the court and gun. Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor who is a policy expert at UCLA, said.

Winkler predicted that recent shootings would have nothing to change the outcome of a gun case in which a conservative majority of courts are expected to invalidate New York’s gun law. “The judge of Progan is Progan,” he said, adding that it is unlikely that recent mass shootings have done anything to change it.

The decisions on both abortion and gun cases are expected to be announced sometime the following month before the judge takes summer vacation.

The reaction to the ruling was about disclosure that conservative political activist Virginia “Genie” Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, urged Arizona’s White House and Republican politicians to work to overthrow Joe. Keeping Biden’s presidential victory and former President Donald Trump’s term, which may be added to the criticisms the court recently faced.

A poll released this week found that court approval dropped from 54% in March to 44%. After the abortion decision was leaked, a vote was held after raising concerns about protests at the judge’s house and 24-hour security, court demonstrations, and violence after the court’s final decision. In anticipation of an abortion decision, the court itself has been surrounded by high security fences for weeks.

In 2020, AP VoteCast, an extensive voter survey, said that 69% of voters in the presidential election should leave the Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade While 29% said the court should overturn the decision, the decision remains.

Overturn the leaked decision egg, Judge Samuel Alito wrote that the court should not be influenced by public opinion. “We don’t pretend to know how our political system and society respond to today’s decisions … and even if we can foresee what will happen, that knowledge is me. We do not have the authority to influence our decisions, “he wrote.

Still, the judge did not live in the bubble, and New York University scholar Barry Friedman argued that the court’s decision was never far from public opinion.

“You know we don’t have an army. We don’t have the money. The only way to get people to do what we think we should do is because they respect us. That’s what Judge Elena Kagan said in 2018.

“It’s unlikely that what’s happening in this country will have some impact,” said Eric Tirschwell, director of legal affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety, explaining how the judge’s work will proceed. Recent violence has emphasized that “the interpretation of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment is not an abstract exercise.” It has life-threatening consequences. “

According to AP’s VoteCast, about half of voters in the 2020 presidential election said the US gun law needed to be stricter. An additional third said gun control should remain the same, and one in ten said gun control should not be so strict.

The gun case under consideration by the court includes New York law that makes it difficult for people to get permission to carry a gun out of the house. To do so, one must indicate a particular need to carry a weapon.

When the case was discussed in November, the judge’s question sounded as if they were ready to strike as they restricted the law too much. Similar legislation exists in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, and the Biden administration states that these states may be affected by the ruling against New York. Opponents say it can lead to an increase in guns on the street and consequent violence.

According to the Associated Press / USA TODAY / Northeastern University Mass Murder Database, there have been 16 shootings in which more than four people have been killed since the court heard the case. According to the database, these shootings killed 94 people and injured 45 in Buffalo and Texas, including 31 adults and children.

One of the two conservative judges, Thomas or Amy Coney Barrett, is probably based on the court’s usual practice of giving each judge at least one opinion each month when the court hears the case. I am writing the opinion of the gun. Neither has written about the incident I heard in early November.

No matter how the court decides on the New York proceedings, other gun rights disputes are already in court or close to court. Judges were asked to hear cases challenging New Jersey and California’s magazine capacity limits and Maryland’s ban on offensive weapons.

Earlier this month, the Federal Court of Appeals withdrew the ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons to adults under the age of 21 in California and ruled that it violated Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. The case may also go to court.