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3-year-old son helps dad regain desire to draw

“I’ve loved drawing since I was five years old. My mom always complimented me on my work, even if it was something as simple as a boxcar,” says the artist. said entrepreneur Dwayne McDowell.

“As I got older, I worked hard and developed my God-given talents, but I didn’t have time to admire my own work of art. But I didn’t think my work was good enough to be compared.”

McDowell said he had been in primary school all his life and longed to reach secondary school so that he could officially choose art as a subject in order to pursue art as his future profession. , the secondary school he attended did not have the resources to get a full-time art teacher.

“I never got the formal training I wanted.

“Once I graduated from that school and entered the Advanced Comprehensive level, I was offered a package of subjects to choose from. The thing is, I wasn’t accepted into the art class.”

McDowell said he was devastated, but in his recollection it was based largely on the fact that art space was limited, and that it was full, so he was forced to take business subjects. did not.

Artist Dwayne McDowell

“This disappointment discouraged me to the point where I no longer wanted to continue painting in my spare time. did.”

McDowell, 39, finally became a father 11 years ago in 2011. He picked up a pencil to draw again.

“I no longer had a sketchbook or proper drawing tools, but I got by with a copybook and HB pencils. Zane was a huge fan of sports cars. This led to a renewed desire to start drawing and to seek out the tools I needed to pursue my first dream of becoming a successful artist.

McDowell is currently putting together a collection of artwork for its first exhibition in a few weeks. His art genre is the black and white medium of portraiture and natural pencil.

“I have learned how to free myself from mental slavery. I am a very peaceful and humble soul. It aims to make people think about beauty. Life is art and we are the masterpieces of our Creator, the great artist.

“Thank you for all the knowledge. I live and learn. We must learn and live well.”

soothe the senses

soothe the senses