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'Better Call Saul' Fans Like 'Breaking Bad' After Series Finale


Warning: Spoilers for AMC’s Series Finale Better Call Saul

Well, they finally did it. After six seasons and 63 episodes of Better Call Saulthe creative team of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould managed to deliver a series finale that not only befits its predecessor breaking badbut probably further evolved.

We all knew Saul Goodman wouldn’t go down without a fight. After essentially being caught by Marion in his penultimate episode “Waterworks”, Saul escapes and when he is finally apprehended by the authorities, he calls Ed’s vacuum cleaner repair and a missing service phone number. and left me scrambled into a literal trash can full of rubbish.

Yet he knew how to operate the system.

“Where’s the end? And true to his word, Saul negotiated with the federal government, and in view of all he had done up to that point, The sentence was commuted to just seven years. Heck, that would have been a reasonable sentence, given just the crimes he committed as nondescript Cinnabon manager Gene Takovich.

Only when Saul tried to sweeten the deal with information about Howard Hamlin’s death did he get thrashed by the real haymaker: Kim Wexler beat him.

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If Saul’s lesson from that fateful phone call to Kim was to lash out and double down on his plans, she took him at face value when he suggested he confess everything. When he learns that his former love is facing a civil lawsuit from Howard’s ex and will likely pay for her wrongs for the rest of her life, literally, Saul finally decides to face music. decided to

So after luring Kim into court, Saul confessed everything. His comfortable seven-year sentence was almost certainly thrown out the window in exchange for never looking outside of his prison cell again, and the pair would likely have a final quarrel before they could see each other again. We got to share one cigarette. It was perfect.

While fitting, it was far from the ending. breaking bad, saw Walter White’s insatiable appetite for power, revenge, and money drive him until his final moments. “I did it for me. I loved it. said in

If the ending of breaking bad Solidify the transformation to Heisenberg, Walt’s alter ego, Better Call Saul From Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman to Gene Takovich, it brought viewers back to Jimmy McGill in an incredible full-circle moment. Ultimately, everyone, including Jesse Pinkman, El Camino — got exactly what they deserved. Beloved series rarely stick their landings outright. And the borderline madness that Gilligan, Gould, and company could pull it off twice.

That’s why fans flocked to Twitter following “Saul Gone,” praising the finale and praising Gilligan and Gould for bringing such a fitting ending to Jimmy and Kim’s story, making a point-and-point-for-the-previous series. tied to

The Kim Wexler Appreciation Committee also worked hard. Like Jessie, Kim is finally free, even if she owes Cheryl Hamlin the rest of her life.

And we’ve been thinking about those final shots for a long time…

A great series, no notes. and, breaking bad Now that the universe is nearing its end, I think we’re speaking for everyone when Gilligan says he’s waiting with bated breath to see what he tackles next.