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ATLANTA, Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BarTrack, an inventory management and data technology company, has joined Mercedes-Benz, home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United, and a leading sports and entertainment venue. announced a partnership with the stadium. , monitors draft lines, reduces waste and enhances the drinking experience for the millions of fans who visit each year.

BarTrack helps staff support the stadium’s massive draft beer system, which includes over 1,200 taps. Since implementing BarTrack’s inventory management system, the stadium has increased barrel yields by more than 10% at select events, adding an average of 10 pints per barrel.

Gordon Barfield, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, AMB Sports and Entertainment, which supports Mercedes-Benz Stadium, said: “We were able to identify several areas for improvement. BarTrack’s consulting team helped us develop an action plan to quickly address these issues.”

BarTrack’s platform provides insights previously unavailable to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium team to visualize when, where and why the draft line is underperforming. Mercedes-Benz Stadium improved efficiency by 10% after installation. BarTrack’s Draft Monitoring System features the first beverage sensor with no moving parts and unobstructed draft lines, a fully integrated solution that uses plug-and-play sensors to measure many beverage-specific variables is.

The monitoring system generates detailed real-time reports on flow and keg levels, line temperature, pressure, cooler status, line cleanliness and more, allowing venues and stadiums to see real-time keg levels and inventory. With this actionable data, the Keg team can operate more efficiently and tap his downtime less. This ultimately reduces beer line times, increases customer satisfaction, and allows venues to serve more guests.

BarTrack combines this powerful data with experienced hospitality consultants to help Mercedes-Benz Stadium make more informed decisions and improve operations.

“BarTrack isn’t just interested in installing systems; we’re also very interested in helping them realize value from partnerships and implementations,” says Barfield. “I am very impressed with the level of care they have shown and their team is always ready to assist in reviewing performance and pursuing continuous improvement throughout the draft system. I am completely confident that I am happy to help.”

With a capacity of over 72,000 people and over 1,200 taps throughout the stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is one of the country’s business stadiums, hosting a variety of major events each year, from professional football and soccer matches to live concerts. It is held. Featuring award-winning musicians. BarTrack’s system helps Mercedes-Benz Stadium prepare for these different types of events by using data captured by the BarTrack system to enhance understanding of venue trends and inventory.

BarTrack co-founder and CEO Brett Danielson said: “The data and insights we provide are proven to deliver tangible results at any scale.”

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Founded in 2018, BarTrack is a hospitality company that has revolutionized the way bars, breweries, restaurants and stadiums manage inventory and eliminate costly waste. BarTrack’s flagship product is a non-intrusive beverage sensor technology platform with no moving parts. The company’s sensors and his web-enabled software monitor numerous beverage-specific variables to enable better inventory management and better diagnostics for draft systems. Combine this with POS integration for a comprehensive view of waste sources and revenue impact. See for more information.

  • BarTrack, an inventory management and data technology company, has announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

  • BarTrack is the official draft monitoring system for Mercedes-Benz Stadium and its 1,200+ taps.