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Pontine Theater Launches 45th Season With ‘Migraciones’

PORTSMOUTH — The Pontine Theater kicks off its 45th season with a performance of Migraciones by Paradox Teatro from August 26th to August 28th. Performances are scheduled for Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 2pm at 1845 Plains Schoolhouse, 1 Plains Ave, Portsmouth. Sunday’s performance will be followed by workshops by company members. Videos of the live performance will be available online starting September 2nd. Tickets for both live and online events are available at

Migraciones is a poignant meditation on the global migrant situation and evokes compassion for the global refugee crisis. Mexico resident Sofia Padilla and US resident Davey Steinman created Migrationes out of a shared fear of increasingly tight US-Mexico border restrictions and the possibility of losing their future together. “We needed to talk about this issue on the show and bring more attention to this issue,” Padilla said. I had to show people respect,” he said.