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Culture Speed: Inside Mint's Mission to Keep Creativity Fresh

“If it feels like an ad, it doesn’t feel like Mint”.

On the one hand, this might sound like a bold statement for a creative marketing agency. On the other hand, it’s the perfect encapsulation of Mint’s idiosyncratic approach to creativity – one that prioritizes experience over convention.

As CEO and co-founder Jordan Fogle goes on to explain, the concept of “experience” has always been entwined in Mint’s DNA. “Our foundation is rooted in events and focused on 360-degree experiences,” he tells his LBB. “So as digital, social and content become integral parts of brand strategy, evolving into a full-service creative agency was a natural step. We are fulfilling our mission to build a

All of this influences the concept of ‘brand love’, the agency’s north star. According to Jordan, any brand in the world, in any category, can win “love” from its audience. “Understanding how people love a brand is a million-dollar problem with no specific answer to making it happen,” he explains.

“But somewhere, every brand will have an answer. I know… On the flip side, I also love brands that don’t pretend to be everything for everyone.”

For Jordan and Mint, it’s about creating a unique brand voice that resonates. “At Mint, we are inspired by humanity to tell creative stories to specific audiences, communities or subcultures. It shows how,” he says.

It’s another area where you can feel the agency’s ‘experience’ DNA. By treating specific campaigns as unique events, agencies foster the trust that is essential for clear and meaningful communication. That philosophy begins to take shape when asked to think about campaigns that stand out in his memory from Mint’s journey so far.

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Above: Over the course of Mint’s work at the Toronto International Film Festival, the agency has coordinated events featuring Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and nearly countless others.

Perhaps most glaringly, Mint’s longstanding relationship with the Toronto International Film Festival is a testament to the power of event-based marketing. But for Jordan, it was in his 2008 that Penny fell when it came to relevance to the event’s energy and potential marketing impact. “TIFF 2008 proved to be my first ‘aha’ moment when it comes to what agencies are really good at,” he recalls. “Creating experiences money can’t buy, working with great talent, and being a big part of the culture. It’s the perfect blend of Experience, his marketing and his PR, helping our agency move from events to integrated marketing. It gave me a reason to do it.”

Ten years on from 2008, that approach has evolved significantly. Take, for example, Mint’s much-hyped Bumble “Wage Against the Machine” campaign. The idea was to explain the pay gap between men and women to support Bumble’s business-oriented services. “We created an International Wage Equity Day campaign to sell a cup of coffee in our branded coffee truck to Parliament Hill in Ottawa,” says Jordan. “But the kicker is that women charged men her $1.00 and women her $0.88 to show that on average she earned her 88 cents on the dollar.”

Above: Wage Against the Machine was a playful and poignant way for Mint to convey Bumble’s values ​​of standing up for women.

And last year, Mint was used to help launch a YouTube Short. “YouTube is one of those iconic brands that he blends naturally into every culture,” says Jordan. “It was a big moment for Mint because it gave us permission to help shape the culture. The work was smart, effective and highly creative.”

Above: Mint’s efforts to help launch YouTube Shorts in Canada yielded impressive results, including 34 million total views.

Today, the Jordan and Mint teams are excited about new ways to create and influence culture. “An unforgettable experience with a brand is always the best,” he says. “That’s true if it happens at home, in the outside world, online, or even in the metaverse.”

Perhaps one of the most important lessons creatives have learned from the pandemic is that there’s only one way to build strong connections with brands through Fortnite’s Travis Scott and countless other transformative events. was. “The Metaverse offers another unique way for brands to deliver experiences to people. For now, think of it as a place to experiment,” says Jordan. “I bet there is not yet a brand that has fully figured out their role in the Metaverse. We should take peace in it and be brave, experimental and optimistic in this new frontier. There may be some false starts along the way, but that’s okay, each pilot helps brands understand how to design unforgettable experiences for their audiences.”

And for Jordan, it’s the spirit of playful experimentation that will lead the Mints to the next chapter of their story. And that means you never know where the world will take you,” he admits. “We know that we will continue to evolve with the market and move at the speed of the culture because through all of our iterations it has always been a constant. We look forward to continuing to build this business with partners and clients who appreciate our approach to brand building.”

Ultimately, it speaks to a defining feature of Mint’s journey as an agency so far. The future of creativity and marketing may be uncertain, but Mint’s success shows that it can be impactful, memorable, and fun. And when you feel good, that’s when you feel Mint.