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Experts insist on using culture for national growth


19 August (THEWILL) – Day 2 of the prestigious International Arts and Crafts Expo in Abuja city on Friday 18 August heralds talks on cultural values ​​as a harbinger of peace for national development .

In its 15th edition, INAC aimed to network Nigerian crafts to the world.

With 29 participating countries and representatives from 17 states, the fair will delve into the role of culture in promoting peace as a hub for national development.

Professor Bakt T. Bakt, Director of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, takes to the podium to clearly navigate the topic by positioning the recalibration of cultural values ​​as a tool for national development from his experience. Ad Yahuza, Chief Executive Officer of the National Institute of Cultural Orientation (NICO), has set an agenda to explore this topic in depth. It is a diverse template of practical economic, political and social imperatives to promote national development.

Also, Dr. Joseph Choakula Ande, Department of Dramatic Arts, University of Abuja, joined Ad Yafuza in this aspect of the interpretive excursion to promote its arts and crafts, as well as festivals to promote national development in Nigeria’s cultural renaissance. We plan to make obvious issues desirable, including: .

It is undeniable that culture continues to be a means of national cohesion and cohesion. Especially when the country is going through difficult and challenging times.

With more than 29 foreign countries showcasing the history and economic value of crafts and arts, and with a full ambassadorial diplomatic presence, INAC, under the supervision and internationalization of Otumba Segung Runsewe, has faced volatile challenges. Nevertheless, it reiterated its trust in the brand in Nigeria.

As a bystander to Thursday’s expo opening ceremony, Lunswe affirmed that the cultural sector is arguably a game-changer in mobilizing local and international influencers in the quest to build a peaceful world and nation. did. impact.

“We stand for coherence, strength and determination in Nigeria to tell our story and give other countries and peoples the opportunity to share ideas, trade and understand our cultural value chains. INAC is not only a means to promote enlightened investment in our arts and crafts, but also a cultural resource that can help bring peace and unity to humanity. It is also a channel to consolidate and provide other countries with a platform for sharing tourism policies and investment opportunities,” Runsewe further explained.

Starting Thursday and ending Saturday, the three-day expo includes leather and interior design, raffia and woodwork, apparel and embroidery, skill-building sessions for women and youth, decorative pottery, metal design, cultural memorabilia, and cuisine. , beads and hands are on display. Made bronze, music and cultural dance.