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Get Doc Thriller's 'Buried' on Deadly Avalanche at Greenwich ENT – Deadline

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Exclusive: Greenwich Entertainment acquires U.S. and Canadian rights to edge-of-seat documentary thriller Buried: 1982 Alpine Meadows Avalanche“A striking account of the deadliest avalanche in the history of U.S. ski resorts”.

Greenwich will release the documentary, which won the Audience Award at Telluride’s Mountain Film Festival, in theaters in New York, San Francisco and Northern California on September 23, before expanding to additional markets. Following a 45-day exclusive theatrical run, he will be released on TVOD/EST (transactional video on demand/electronic sell-through) and DVD on November 8th.

Directed by Jared Drake and Stephen Sieg, the film takes viewers back to the devastating events of March and April 1982 near Lake Tahoe, California. Since late March, major storms have brought heavy snowfall to the area. Then, on the afternoon of March 31st, tragedy struck.

Rescue workers dig through the snow after the 1982 Alpine Meadows avalanche near Lake Tahoe, California.

Rescuers digging in the snow after the 1982 Alpine Meadows Avalanche
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“[W]Without warning, millions of pounds of snow could rush down the mountainside, engulf the resort’s base areas and fill parking lots,” said a release about the film. “The scale of the wreckage was staggering, [ski] Every second of the patrol team was precious as it soon became apparent that eight of his colleagues, friends and family were buried in the slide. “

A frantic search began for possible survivors. A few days after the avalanche, surprisingly, one person was found alive.

“Four decades on from this colossal weather disaster, lives have been changed forever and the tragic story lives on in local lore,” said a release from Greenwich. “buried It captures the intense drama of the day and the days of suspense, grief and hope that continue with the long legacy of post-traumatic stress on survivors and communities. The story is about avalanche disaster and rescue, but it also explores the relationship between trauma and mental health, resilience and healing, and ultimately humans and the forces of nature that we try to control. “

Greenwich co-president Ed Arendts negotiated the acquisition with the filmmakers. Rocket Science is responsible for international sales.

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“Essential viewing for skiers,” Arendts said in a statement. buried A fascinating account of natural disasters, not only about the details of the avalanche itself and the rescue efforts that followed, but also about how disasters affected people in the years that followed and became a time boundary for survivors and their communities. explanation.

Drake and Siig directed and produced the film. Oscar-winning producer Evan Hayes (free soloAce Content’s ) is Oscar-winner Michael Sugar (Spotlight), eight-time Emmy nominee David Hillman (turning point) Sugar23, Mark Gogolewski, Shannon Houchins

“I could never have imagined that anyone would be able to survive [the slide]’” eyewitness recalls in the trailer buried“Every time I found a ski boot, I didn’t know what was attached to the other end,” said another rescue worker.

you can see buried Trailer below.