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Global Healthcare Technology Leader Renews Multiple Contract Extensions Worth Over $300,000

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Austin, TX–(business wire)–CynergisTek, Inc. (NYSE American: CTEK) is a cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and IT audit specialist that helps organizations in highly regulated industries address emerging security and privacy concerns. A large and well-known medical device manufacturer has announced that it is updating multiple data. Privacy and compliance contract extensions worth over $300,000. The globally recognized organization will extend his seven-year relationship with CynergisTek through 2023, supporting operations in 150 countries.

CynergisTek provides long-time clients with robust data privacy program support services to assist with ongoing compliance efforts, data protection, and risk advisory services. Through the Privacy Program, CynergisTek subject matter experts support data privacy-related projects to better manage risk and strengthen compliance. Clients receive strategic guidance and a coordinated roadmap for implementing procedures to meet regulatory requirements and maintain a high level of compliance.

Walter Zuniga, Managing Partner of CynergisTek’s IT Audit Group, said: “We continue to expand our leadership in security and compliance and continue to build programs to meet new regulatory requirements in the future.”

CynergisTek CEO Mac McMillan said: “As the company continues to have strong retention and growth across its business units, he expects audit preparation and performance work to be a key driver for 2023 and beyond.”

About Synergystek

CynergisTek is a top-ranked cybersecurity consulting firm, helping organizations in highly regulated industries, including healthcare, government, and finance, to address emerging security and privacy concerns. CynergisTek combines intelligence, expertise, and proprietary methodologies to validate an enterprise’s security posture, ensuring teams are rehearsed, prepared, and resilience to threats. Since 2004, CynergisTek has been dedicated to hiring and retaining professionals with hands-on experience and advanced certifications to support and educate the industry by contributing to relevant industry associations. I was. For more information, please visit or follow us. twitter or LinkedIn.

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