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Governor Ducey, Parents and Children Celebrate Broadest School Choices Initiative in Nation

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phoenix — Gov. Doug Ducey today joined families, educators and community leaders to celebrate the success of Arizona’s efforts to get every Arizona student into the school of their choice.

“Arizona is now the gold standard for educational freedom in America,” said Governor Ducey. “Our children are no longer trapped in underperforming schools. We are unlocking their educational potential and advancing a bold new era of learning opportunities. Parents and teachers , we know there is no one-size-fits-all model to education.Children and families should have access to the schools and study programs that best meet their unique needs, regardless of income or where they live.In Arizona , allowing them to have that choice.”

The governor today spoke at the Phoenix Christian Preparatory School with parents and their children who have benefited from the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) and signed legislation that: open scholarship program To all K-12 students in Arizona.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Ben Thoma, has received the most acclaim. Extensive school choice initiative all over the country.

House Majority Leader Ben Toma said, “We are proud to lead Arizona’s tradition of school choice and bring educational freedom to more than 1.1 million students.” Improve outcomes and make every student’s choice a reality by opening Empowerment Scholarship Accounts for your students.In this session, we will work together to accomplish this for Arizona students and parents. Governor Ducey has been an invaluable partner in transforming our state’s school choices and has led the way in unlocking the doors of our school buildings.”

Arizona has cemented its position by making the ESA open to all students. gold standard for freedom of education. and Stories published today, said Chris Ruffo, a senior researcher at the Manhattan Institute. Governor Ducey has achieved that. “

The ceremony at Phoenix Christian was highlighted by elementary school students singing welcome songs and stories from Arizona families about how school choices maximized their children’s potential.

One such parent, Jenny Clark, is helping other parents take advantage of the opportunities the program offers after her child’s positive experience at ESA.

“Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account Program is truly life-changing for many children in the state,” Clark said. “My five children have benefited from the ESA, but I can’t help but wonder how many children will not get the help they need. Now they will. Arizona. Every child in New York has the same opportunity and ability to receive an education that meets their needs, and Governor Ducey is leading the charge, expanding school choice to every home. “

Parent Annie Meade has seen first-hand how Arizona’s education options affect their children’s education. Her four children have received a combination of home school, micro school and public education. Universal ESA is in a position to bring new opportunities to her children, who are now all covered. Mead spoke about her enthusiasm for her education savings account at her today’s ceremony.

“Children deserve an educational environment in which they can thrive, but too many families are limited by income or zip code,” Mead said. I learned from another friend that unfortunately our family has not been able to avail of scholarships until now. It means having the freedom, choice and opportunity to choose ESA for your education.Scholarships are a reality for families like mine.”

Phoenix Christian students are well aware of the benefits of an education savings account. The school’s superintendent, Jeff Blake, spoke about the resources students receive at school and the one-on-one learning.

“At Phoenix Christian Preparatory, we are proud to have 31 students in our Empowerment Scholarships account,” said Superintendent Blake. We have been able to serve a large number of students and provide them with the best possible education.Universal school choice will enable us to provide a superior education to more students.All kindergartens We thank Governor Ducey and the Arizona Legislature for their foresight and leadership in prioritizing students in grades 1 through 12.”

Drew Anderson, Senior Pastor of First Watch Ministry and Legacy Christian Center in South Phoenix, has worked with children in the South Phoenix community to achieve academic success.

“Education is America’s great equalizer,” he said. “If we can bring better education to low-income families and minorities, it opens the door to success for many who are often left behind. I’ve seen too many people struggling. Thank you Governor Ducey and Congress for saving our children.”

Arizona families participating in the ESA are encouraged to enroll in private schools, homeschooling, microschools, tutoring, or other types of educational services that help meet the needs of students outside the traditional public school system. You will receive more than $6,500 per child per year.

Black Mothers Forum Founder Janelle Wood said of her partnership with Governor Ducey in 2020: , in the community in which they live or in their home.

Wood continues: We matter, our children matter, and we’re not going anywhere. We keep talking to each system that’s holding back our families and our children. “

Arizona’s universal education savings account now serves as a model for the rest of the country to follow. called the law “the greatest school-selection victory, not just in Arizona, but in U.S. history.”

Commenting on the unprecedented school choice initiative, DeAngelis said: Thank you Governor Ducey for empowering every family in Arizona. This is a domestic model. ”

He then led a crowd of students, parents and community members, chanting, “Arizona now funds students, not the system.”

Two legislators important to student funding were Senate Speaker Karen Huang and House Speaker Rusty Bowers.

“All parents want nothing more than to see their child succeed,” said Huang. “This session promised to expand educational opportunities. Working with Governor Ducey and the Arizona House of Representatives, we have achieved results. We have access to the environment.The Empowerment Scholarship Account will transform education in our state and unlock potential for our children.”

“In Arizona, we fund students, not the system,” Bowers said. “When it comes to education, there is no one-size-fits-all. Universal Empowerment Scholarship Accounts ensures that money follows children so they can attend the school environment that works best for them. For years, we have worked with Governor Ducey to expand school choices for all our students, and today we are celebrating that 1.1 million students and their parents can choose the learning environment they need. increase.”