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Has America lost the culture war?

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When 30 FBI agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago to carry out a box of documents, it said they were authorized to obtain national security secrets illegally stored there. It was a legitimate and just procedure. Or it was the unprecedented regime raids on the homes and offices of President Joe Biden’s greatest political rival that made us think of a ‘third world country’, the East German ‘Stasi’, the KGB or the Gestapo .

And January 6, 2021? It is a riot, a dishonorable transgression of the Capitol that includes an assault on a Capitol officer and deserves and is punishable. No, it was more than that. much more. It was a “riot,” a “fascist coup,” an act of treason led by far-right extremists to block the transfer of power from the winners of the 2020 election to the losers. It’s comparable to the British burning down the Houses of Parliament in 1814.

This is the extent of the divide in America, a divide that goes far beyond our conflicting views on January 6th and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Consider abortion. Prior to the 1960s, abortion was considered a shameful and criminal act. Doctors who performed abortions were humiliated and even sent to prison.but then Dobbs The Supreme Court decision declared: Law vs Wade Although the 1973 decision was wrong, restoration of women’s abortion rights is supported by half the country. The other half of America believes that abortion is the killing of an innocent child who has not yet been born.

Parts of America celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision declaring equality in gay marriage. I believe it imposes on the nation a secular morality that is inconsistent with the tenets of Christian faith.

And it’s not just moral clashes that divide us. A broad consensus on beliefs, cultures, customs and politics is necessary for nations, nations, peoples and democracies to last.

On the question of law and order without which the Republic cannot exist, there is currently a disagreement about the role and actions of our country’s police. George Floyd’s Summer 2020 “Defend the Police!” is a left-wing roar, and Black Lives Matter’s streets include among his chants, “Pigs in blankets, fried like bacon.” There is a thing Only a spectacular political backlash caused its abandonment.

For a nation, especially a power like the United States, there is something essential to its preservation. A democratic republic must preserve the value of its currency, protect its borders from illegal large-scale immigration and invasion, and maintain law and order. Especially in big cities. Which of these requirements exist today as the country struggles with her 8% inflation?250,000 illegal immigrants cross the southern border each month. Are there “mass shootings” happening in our cities every day during which at least four victims have been shot, wounded or killed?

Sustaining a democracy also requires public trust in the institutions that define it. But since the Reagan era, Americans’ collective trust in leading institutions has dropped from half the nation’s to a quarter of his. In 2022, trust in the Supreme Court has dropped by a third to 25%. Only a quarter of his country held high confidence in the presidency. Confidence in Congress plummeted to 7% of him, hitting him 1 in 14 Americans. One in six of his Americans put a great deal of faith in newspapers, and he had only one in nine citizens saying the same thing about the news on television.

In summary, we are a country with declining public trust in almost every institution, from big business to churches, universities, and media. Only small businesses and the US military enjoy the trust of the American people.

Public support for Biden’s accomplishments is at its lowest level ever recorded at this point in the president’s first term.

Indeed, we have experienced and recovered from times of division. In the 1860s, 11 of her 33 states seceded and he fought for four years to win the independence of the United States. Though the 1960s were divided, Senator George McGovern’s political expressions led Richard in 1972 to less than 40% of the left-wing vote against Nixon.

Those days are long gone. The Left today dominates academia and culture far more than it once did, and is farther from the heart of the nation of Central America than ever before.

When and how will America be united again? And what holds us together other than external attacks on the country like Pearl Harbor and 9/11? Where is the common ground? Given religious, racial and ethnic divisions, and seemingly irreconcilable disagreements over morality, ideology, culture and politics, does such a basis exist? ?