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Judgment nears in Delia's lawsuit to cancel contract with hospital

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Final oral submissions from lawyers in the lawsuit initiated by former National Party leader Adrian Delia to revoke the contract that handed over three public hospitals to Vitals Global Healthcare will take place on October 25. Expect by the end of the year.

The court, presided over by Justice Francesco Depasquale, received Delia’s own final submission on July 29. Former opposition leader to take back three hospitals that fraudulently signed Vitals Global Health Care when disgraced politicians Joseph Muscat and former Energy and Health Minister Conrad Mitzi were in office We fought a determined battle.

The then-leader of the opposition filed a lawsuit on his personal stand against Muscat. Muscat has since withdrawn from the political fray, leaving Delia as a member of parliament and a shadow minister for transport, migration and capital projects.

St Luke’s Hospital, Karen Gleck Hospital and Gozo General Hospital were handed over to Vitals Global Healthcare, which sold the contract to Steward Healthcare. It was a deal.

It also turned out to be one of the largest robberies ever committed in Malta. The deal has cost taxpayers more than €2 billion to him, with bills rising at around €190,000 in costs to him per day. Steward Health Care bought it for his one euro and millions changed owners.

Delia insists that “the stewards and their officials and officials of the Maltese government shall not be permitted to steal, defraud and plunder Malta’s treasury and financial resources”, the entire contract and all related annexes petitioned the court to revoke the

Delia, in her 43-page filing, found that the facts presented in the case were “in the most obvious way” and that the agreement had nothing to do with the principles of fair play necessary for proper administration. It is claimed that

Sign MOU 5 months before request for proposal

At the conclusion of the submission, Delia’s main argument is that a Memorandum of Understanding granting hospital concessions to Vitals, signed by former Economy Minister Chris Cardona, was issued five months before the Malta Industrial Estate issued a Request for Proposals (RfP). that it has been issued.

The allegations are based on a January 2018 report by The Shift News, which uncovered in December 2017 injunction documents against Bluestone Investments Malta. Ashok Rattehalli was one of his first investors in the corrupt project and how Ram Tumuluri also had detailed information about the RfP well before it went public in his 2015. Some people were

The Shift revelations reveal that the MOU was signed by Ram Tumuluri and Mark Pawley on behalf of Vital and by former Economy Minister Chris Cardona on behalf of the government, five months before the RfP was issued. .

€2.1bn deal signed with mysterious 30% stake company

“These people,” Delia said in his filing, referring to Tumuluri and Pawley, “owned 70% of Vitals Global Healthcare. not.”

“The government, represented by Minister Chris Cardona, has signed a deal with a company with 30% of its ownership hidden for a final contract worth €2.1 billion signed in 2016. ”

According to Delia, the deal was a fait accompli from the beginning. “It has already been agreed that this contract will be awarded to Vitals Global Healthcare, and an evaluation committee has been staged.”

As Delia points out, the evaluation committee was to reach that decision only after conducting the necessary due diligence to determine whether Vitals had the ability to manage the hospital.

After all, the company was the recipient of the country’s largest ever public contract and was also given a 30-year goodwill, renewable for two additional 30-year terms.

Fraudulent Contract rubber stamp

Delia explained how the person responsible for running the evaluation committee exercise testified in court that his job was not to actually conduct due diligence, but only to determine whether the proposal complied with the RfP. Observing.

“The result was that none of the INDIS (formerly Malta Industrial Estate) and/or the Evaluation Commission did their job properly because, in their own words, they were wrongfully agreed by the government. It was just a “rubber stamp” of what was done. government. “

“The fraud became even more prominent when it was discovered that Vitals Global Healthcare and its shareholders had no experience in hospital management or in the medical field,” Delia said.

Steward Health Care itself admitted to taking over “corrupt and fraudulent” deals in a filing made by the company in a separate lawsuit revealed by The Shift.

Despite all of this being confirmed by two audits by the Comptroller General, Delia noted: This agreement made against the common good and the public interest.

‘Sneaky waiver of responsibility’

“Instead, they abdicated responsibility in the most despicable way,” Delia told The Shift.

If there was an obvious fraud – former energy and health minister Konrad Mitzi of Panama Papers fame, Malta would be forced to take action if a controversial hospital concession given to Steward Health Care was revoked. Delia accused them of failing to act, including when they included a clause in their contract to the effect that they had to pay 100 million euros.

“If we live in a third world country, where the rule of law does not exist, where public contracts are not conscientiously considered, and where good governance is not in place, the Steward Maltese will commit fraud. We should expect the agreed €100 million to be paid.

“But given our legal history of independence and fair play, even in times of war our judges did not allow the imperial government to send Maltese into exile without due process. , Stewards and their officials, and officials of the Maltese Government, will steal, defraud and plunder Maltese treasury and coffers if even the Maltese Steward himself confirms the contract is fraudulent.”