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Letter to Sports: The Dodgers' Anguish in the Middle of a Good Season

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Could there be a more negative headline and unnecessary column than this article by Dylan Hernández: “They should win the World Series this year or be forgotten” Who wants to read this pathetic excuse for a story? What exactly is the point of such downers when we Dodgers fans are enjoying this season to the fullest? Hernandez and the LA Times wasting space is a disgrace. Ready to forget Hernandez, not the Dodgers.

Peggy Joe Abraham
santa monica


It’s strange how Dylan Hernandez reports on the Dodgers’ Padres sweep and turns it into a tale of darkness and doom.

A birthday party at Hernandez’s house must be a blast.

Ray McCone


I’m looking forward to reading Dylan Hernández’s reflective column for calling the West Coast, home of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, “Port Loser.” And for his sake, I hope you write that apology before meeting the Marines at your favorite watering hole.

squirrel thomas
Valley Glen


Dave Roberts’ poor pitching decisions in the playoffs are the reason the Dodgers dominated the National League for several years and only won one championship. 2017 Worlds 2nd and 7th games of his series. In Game 5 of 2019 against the Nationals, Kershaw, who hit his 28th home run that year, foolishly pitched to Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto in his eighth inning of a 3-1 game. allowed. Last year he ran out of aces before his NLCS. Sure, he won a lot of games during the regular season, but it means nothing if it all comes down to his one decision in the playoffs.

Mike Schaller
temple city

Transfer portal risk

Chip Kelly is the luckiest man alive. The transfer portal was made specifically for this lazy, past performance-based football coach.

Would you expect a Transfer Portal player to present more unknowns and be a less cohesive unit than the Home Growth players who spent years in the program? I’m here.

He now runs a mercenary program.

Alan Kandel
Los Angeles

Serena Williams’ unrealized potential

Serena Williams has created another media circus by announcing her possible retirement from tennis. A Grand Slam is unlikely. Her legacy of excellence is firmly established in tennis history, but her on-court outbursts and selfish behavior will also be remembered. Serena…you could have done a lot more.

Harris Levy

Lack of fairness or charm?

Complaining about the lack of “fair wages” means someone is being unfairly paid. The WNBA’s path to “pay equity” does not explain the current unfairness of her WNBA salary. Just because they are paid less than overseas female players and NBA players doesn’t make the situation unfair. More established leagues with much higher earnings can pay more money to their players. Players (and the sportswriters covering them) if fans don’t want to attend enough games or watch them on television to generate the income needed to pay her higher WNBA salary. ) cannot rightly be called unfair. It’s just not appealing.

jerry swider
Sherman Oaks

to play or not to play

After this latest Kevin Durant story, tell your spoiled eligible player, “You made a deal with us. Play or don’t play. We’re not trading you. By the way.” , we are not paying you for services that were not provided.

Steve Briceno
Mission Viejo

number of opinions

It’s fitting that the NBA retires Bill Russell’s jersey, but why wait until he’s dead? The NBA should have done it while he was alive so he could enjoy the gesture!

We can think of others who deserve that honor. [Jerry] we stand [Michael] Jordan. Show them the respect they hold now.

Ray McCone


Thus, the NBA permanently retires Bill Russell’s 6th place overall in the league. However, active players who are already wearing No.6 will be exempted and can continue to wear it. Another LeBron James special rule/exception? If he does, I’m sure other players who are currently wearing number 6 will follow suit.

Richard Wharton
studio city

this and that

Raised in rural Sacramento Valley, Aaron Rodgers uses psychedelics and does not violate the NFL’s drug policy. A city man who smokes a joint is considered an outlaw. Rogers’ talent for escaping things doesn’t seem to be limited to pockets.

Mario Balbo


They could sign a big free agent and get Tatis back on the field, but the Padres can never win without one fundamental change: they need to get rid of the brown and mustard yellow uniforms. There is. We recommend Teal, which is perfect for seaside teams.

Bill Nath


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