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Luduson G Inc. Issues Letter to Shareholders Covering New Business Initiatives on Post-Pandemic Growth Plans

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Hong Kong, August 22, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Luduson G Inc. (OTC:LDSN) today issued a shareholder letter highlighting new business initiatives regarding post-pandemic growth plans.

letter to shareholders

Dear LDSN Shareholders,

As the first of many letters to our prospective shareholders, we will begin direct communication with you as a shareholder and partner, providing insight into our strategic goals and values, and future direction. We want to share our vision. We are a company that moves forward in the entertainment industry. On behalf of the management and all team members, we welcome you and look forward to traveling with you.

we Delaware A holding company engaged in business-to-business (“B2B”) interactive gaming technology through its subsidiaries, it also offers event marketing strategies that combine digital interactive solutions and content creation services. In the digital marketing industry, we offer his B2B digital marketing solutions on our own secure network platform. The platform can efficiently deliver a wide variety of devices and theme-based game content to devices, including multi-touch tables, motion sensing, and indoor positioning. We offer devices and electronic circuit systems together with customized game content as an integrated marketing solution. Our main business is the development and distribution of digital entertainment, interactive game software and system development consulting, service maintenance, and provision of interactive games installed at shopping mall events and exhibitions, brand promotions, etc.

We offer a full line of bespoke interactive gaming services to corporate customers in the entertainment industry. Providing customized device boxes with a library of self-developed interactive game content, such as sports-themed social games, motion-sensing action games, logic and puzzle games, and original IP character educational games for children, to help your business Provided together. Customer operational use or business-to-business social solutions. Our goal is to provide innovative solution services to meet diverse marketing needs.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic announced in 2020 has created a highly hostile business environment for us over the past two years. Most public marketing events and conventions have been canceled as a result of quarantines, travel restrictions, and temporary closures of stores and business facilities. Our financial position for calendar year 2021 has been adversely affected. While many countries are resuming travel by shortening quarantine periods for travelers, we are still seeing a significant impact on performance in the first half of 2022.

During the resumption of business activities, Hong Kong Many other countries have started several new projects to bring their business back to Luduson. The company will continue what it has done at events and exhibitions, expand its e-marketing knowledge and experience, and further expand its business reach by partnering with market leaders to bring consumers new online shopping experiences. Enlarge.

LDSN also considers potential merger and acquisition strategies to expand market reach and develops interactive marketing solutions. Asia and globally.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has read this letter and supported LDSN. Together we will make a difference and make exciting projects again by coming out of the pandemic together.

Ka Leung Wong
Luduson G Inc.

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