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Mahomes hides in QB with new chip on shoulder

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To Martin Rogers
FOX Sports Columnist

Every other quarterback in the league wanted them in the same position, but Matthew Stafford, Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes When Jimmy Garoppolo With the NFC and AFC championship games approaching in the final weekend of January, the weeks leading up to this new season are probably not the envy.

Mysterious injuries, capsule injuries (yeah, I don’t even know what that means), unexpected surgeries, recipient uncertainty, job uncertainty, deal uncertainty, plus en route A combination of several issues casts a small shadow over the world that was “The” Guy just a few months ago.

Last week brought good news for all four, but when the real fight resumes in September, each may feel, for various reasons, that they need to prove themselves again. there is.

This is when we all want to feel like experts, but deep down know that we have no amazing clue as to how things change over the winter.

Goodwill and luck are unpredictable means in the toughest team sports. Not surprisingly, the elite quarterback gets more attention than any other position.

Garoppolo is clearly in the most troubled position, and we don’t even know where he’ll be the starting QB when the season begins…now.

“Jimmy G is so tough…I see him as a Pittsburgh Steeler” — Terry Bradshaw on FOX on the uncertain future of the NFL’s 49ers and Garoppolo

Terry Bradshaw discusses Jimmy Garoppolo’s leadership ahead of the San Francisco 49ers’ clash with the Los Angeles Rams.

Stafford’s excitement about starting the season as the reigning champions with the Los Angeles Rams has been somewhat tempered by a troubling development of his right elbow, a concern described as “abnormal” by head coach Sean McVay, and he’s out of training camp. It reduces results.

Burrow’s summer plans have been impacted by an appendix problem that required a surgical removal, delaying his participation in the Cincinnati Bengals camp, and the season he hopes to establish himself among the NFL’s upper echelons. was ahead of

As for Mahomes, the feel of this offseason is subtle, but undeniably different. He remains one of the league’s true standouts, but the Kansas City star’s direction has never been called into question. As in recent years, he hasn’t convinced everyone with Mahomes’ dominance, as the speedster Tyreek Hill has left for Miami.

Part of this is our collective responsibility. Football can be so much more interesting when there are a lot of competitors, so it’s worth picking up on the positives of a rising team or his QB and focusing on the first signs of trouble in an established order. It becomes easier.

Was Stafford really good last season or did he benefit greatly from the Cooper Cup’s years of receiving campaigns? Or was his playoff burst an unusual sample size? And are Garoppolo’s days leading competing teams over? With a question mark?

As usual with these things, much of the talk is overreaction. Those who love sports do so for the unpredictability, so there is a natural special love for storylines and possibilities that offer something new.

That sometimes leads to premature distortion of the story, which has taken place in Stafford, Mahomes, Barrow and Garoppolo.

Does Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes deserve more respect?

Does Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes deserve more respect?

Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd on THE HERD to discuss the latest in the sports world. Nick talks about his NFL, Kansas City He mentions the Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes back behind his pass and his lack of respect for the NFL.

Mahomes looked spectacular in a fleeting burst of pre-season game action and got even more buoyant with an outrageous circus throw at a workout that had social media flashing incredulously. Although it should be taken seriously, it’s clear he’s much more relaxed about what his prospects look like for the season than the outside noise might suggest.

Stafford has been more actively involved with the Rams and is expected to continue to do so. Injury stories like this around QBs never stop inducing panic, but remember they should rank low on the worry meter unless they start to affect playing time and productivity. must be

Burrow appears to have made a strong recovery, and his practice throw was thrown to elated receiver and friend Tyler Boyd on Sunday, relieving stress for nervous Bengals fans.

“He had a good read and diced the defense,” said Boyd. “He’s the same Joe Burrow who got us to the Super Bowl.”

And then there’s Garoppolo, trapped in one of the league’s most bizarre personnel situations. His relationship with Garoppolo has been in turmoil, with some bizarre stories recently revealing that he was unable to text his staff to the team, but a trade is on the way. It looks like

Whether the Cleveland Browns are seeking relief during Deshawn Watson’s suspension or another team in need of a temporary QB fix, someone will get him a chance sooner or later. The Jets have seemed like an option for a while.Zach Wilson may not be as badly injured as feared, but QBs at the top of the “available” list will always have It reminded me that opportunities do come.

No one said being a QB was easy. Not everyone will be Tom Brady and no one will ask you questions. Heck, Brady didn’t even get to that stage until well past his seventh ring and his 40th birthday.

The faster the rise, the more obstacles stand in the way, and the pitfalls are strewn with each season. Last season, his four men who survived the longest want to find a way to get there again, just like everyone else wants to secure their place.

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