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Medscape Education Engages Clinicians in the Conversation with New Mental Health and Wellness Learning Center

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New York, August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Medscape Education, a Leading Destination of Continuing Professional Development for Healthcare Professionals, Launches Building a bridge between mental health and wellness A learning center focused on mental health and wellness for both patients and clinicians.

Under the guidance of a dedicated steering committee, Bridging mental health and wellness Provides resources that explore the interrelationships between mental and physical health.

“Mental health issues,” he said. Hansa Bhargava, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Medscape Education. “Mental health and wellness are intertwined. When patients exacerbate their mental health problems, so does their physical health and disease risk. Medscape Education advances this important topic through education. Access Through activities that are possible and engaging, we encourage.To eradicate stigma and address a growing concern, physicians need to join the conversation about mental health and wellness.”

Bridging mental health and wellness We employ an interprofessional approach to provide ongoing education and resources across therapeutic areas and conditions, including:

  • Insights and interviews from medical experts
  • Education for multiple specialties and medical team members
  • patient education resources

Additional patient-centric resource centers provide education and materials to help patients and caregivers manage their mental health and share decisions with clinicians.

Medscape Education works with partners such as The Anxiety & Depression Association of America, The JED Foundation, and The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to provide Medscape members with important resources from these organizations. Patients and caregivers can get similar access through WebMD Education. Through these collaborations and more, education and tools reach a wider audience of healthcare professionals and patients to improve overall care and well-being.

of Bridging mental health and wellness For healthcare providers available at

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resource Center Materials for patients and caregivers are available at:

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