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Michigan Department of Education Trains Teachers to Hide Student Names, Pronouns from Parents

According to training materials, the Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) trains teachers to hide the names and pronouns of transgender students from their parents.

According to the department’s training video, MDOE’s LGBTQ Student Project includes training and resources not only for LGBTQ students, but also for educators who address the gender identity and sexual orientation of students in schools. The video features her MDOE officials advising educators to hide changes in student names and pronouns from parents. (Related: Pennsylvania Department of Education Promotes ‘Ze/Zie’ Pronouns, Gender Theory for Toddlers)

“First and foremost, students have a right to privacy. Schools have no legal obligation to tell parents that a student is using a name or pronoun that differs from their legal name,” MDOE said. LGBTQ Student Project Project Leader Kim Phillips Knoop says in one video:

A video shows Phillips-Knope instructing educators to let students decide whether to notify parents of name and pronoun changes. In this way, educators cannot “unintentionally hand over students to families,” she says Phillips-Knope.

“This video is offensive on multiple levels. Yael Levin, chief communications and technology officer at No Left Turn In Education, a focused nonprofit, told the Daily Caller News. Foundation. “We see governments conspiring to undermine our parents. Lost. These officials are actively working to separate children from their parents.”

According to one video, educators recommend asking students how their parents react to their gender identity. It also suggests planning alternative sleep strategies for students who are uncomfortable telling their parents that they have different gender identities.

Lauren Montgomery, 34, who plays Frankenfurter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, drives her truck through the line during the Motor City Pride Parade in Detroit, Michigan on June 9, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Gleeson/Getty Images)

One of the staff members participating in the training said that gender fluidity, the change in how one identifies as one’s gender, should normalize by the age of five. Parents can access.

In 2017, MDOE issued guidance on creating a “safe and supportive” environment for LGBTQ students. This includes “providing professional development opportunities for district staff and board members on issues affecting LGBTQ students.” MDOE proposed extending training from educators of the past to “coaches, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, janitor and administrative support staff.”

“This trend of hiding life-changing behavior from parents can end in tragedy,” Levin told DCNF. After that, the counselor contacted my parents and arranged a program to help me.Of course, I was angry with them and my parents at the time. I was doing what I needed to do for my job, and her actions saved my life.”

MDOE and Phillips-Knope did not respond to DCNF’s request for comment.

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