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Nerdy Acquires Coding Education Startup as Demand for Computer Science Education Rise

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st. Lewis and Chicago–(business wire)– Nerdy Inc. (NYSE: NRDY), developer of Varsity Tutors, a popular online tutoring platform used by students from grade school through college and into adulthood, is today’s fastest growing academic Announced the addition of immersive coding classes to the library. and enrichment programs. With the acquisition of Codeverse, an award-winning creative online platform where kids create apps and games using real code, Nerdy meets the growing demand for computer science and coding education among consumers and schools. You will be able to respond.

Chuck Cohn, founder, chairman and CEO of Nerdy, said: “We understand the importance of coding to our customers, and as we evolve our business into a comprehensive learning destination, the addition of Codeverse to our Varsity Tutors platform will provide high-quality computer science and The need for coding education can be fulfilled. Circular.”

Codeverse Studio, which contains a real programming language and game creation tools designed for kids, Learning Membership Varsity Tutors is a comprehensive learning destination that provides students with access to comprehensive learning resources to ensure they receive personalized and ongoing learning support. Codeverse offerings are also available to the company’s district partners. National team tutor for school product suite.

Founded by Craig Uriott and Katie Lynch with the mission of “teaching a billion children to code”, Codeverse has everything you need to build real apps and games that bring your creative ideas to life. provide children with

“Earlier this year we hosted a StarCourse on the Varsity Tutors platform and we were amazed that 40% of the kids who attended created a Codeverse account and created their own games.” Codeverse. “I am delighted to join Varsity Tutors. Together, we will unlock this demand and accelerate our ambitious mission to teach one billion children to code.”

About Nadi Co., Ltd.

Nerdy (NYSE: NRDY) is the leading platform for live online learning, with a mission to transform the way people learn through technology. Our purpose-built proprietary platform leverages technology, including AI, to connect learners of all ages with experts, delivering superior value on both sides of the network. Nerdy’s comprehensive learning destinations offer learning experiences across over 3,000 subjects and multiple formats: one-on-one instruction, small group classes, large format group classes, adaptive self-study, and more To do. Nerdy’s flagship business, Varsity Tutors, is one of the nation’s largest platforms for live online tutoring and classes. Its solutions are delivered directly to students and consumers as well as through schools and other institutions. For more information on Nerdy, please visit

About Codeverse

Founded on a mission to teach 1 billion kids to code, Codeverse is an award-winning creative online platform where kids create apps and games using real code. For more information, please visit