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NH Joins New England to Rethink Education and Workforce

From left: Pender Makin, Maine School Board; Charlene Russell Tucker, Connecticut School Board; Angelica Infante Green, Rhode Island School Board; Daniel French, Vermont School Board; Jeffrey Riley, Massachusetts School Board; New Hampshire State School Commissioner Frank Edelblatt at the Rethinking Education and New England Workforce (RENEW) Summit Monday in Newport, Rhode Island, New England Regions to Accelerate Student Learning and Build Pathways Sign resolutions in support of cooperation.

Newport, Rhode Island – Education leaders around New England met on Monday to discuss ways the region can collectively accelerate student learning in response to the pandemic.

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona will join the New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblatt and Vice Chairman Christine Brennan on August 22 at the Rethinking Education in International Tennis and New England Workforce (RENEW) Summit. joined other New England Boards of Education for Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island.

Cardona shared his vision of accelerating student learning and creating a pathway for students to succeed as part of tomorrow’s workforce.

“We have managed COVID. Now is the time to lead in education, and it is our critical role as education leaders to change the course of progress, prosperity and opportunity,” Cardona said. rice field. “…we must rise to meet the new challenges facing our school system and our students.”

During Monday’s event, commissioners from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut will share best practices across New England’s educational institutions and reach out to community leaders, businesses, and higher education. Signed pledge resolutions to establish initiatives to actively engage with agencies and states. Local government officials work together to put together strategies and resources to provide students with a path to success in college, career, and life.

“This pledge will help revitalize the collaborative work already underway across New England and across state lines aimed at helping students thrive in tomorrow’s economy,” said Edel. Bratt said. “This is a team effort, investing in young people now and providing them with many paths to success will give them strong academic and 21st Skill of the century. We have a unique opportunity to learn from the pandemic and its many disruptions and become even stronger with a zeal to aim high for our students. ”

New Hampshire Department of Education representatives at the summit included David Juvet, senior vice president of public policy for the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association, and Katherine Ziemer, senior vice president for academic affairs at the University of New Hampshire, Mark Rubinstein. It was Mr. , Chancellor of the New Hampshire Community College System and Joe Dwallon, Director of Workforce Development for the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economics.

“Coming together in our quest to provide and expand learning opportunities for students cannot be achieved alone. It will help, and we appreciate this cooperation and partnership,” Brennan said.

This is the first annual summit of New England education officers and education and business leaders, held in partnership with the State of Rhode Island.