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Reaction: Governor DeSantis' Education Plan Is Ridiculous, Great

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Boca Raton, FL ( (Copyright © 2022 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ commitment to teaching untrained and potentially uneducated veterans in public schools. The plan has been largely banned by A reader who responded to a comment request. In several written responses and some left on answering machines, parents say untrained teachers are no good in the classroom. Parents say they don’t understand how a veteran’s “real world” experience translates into math, science, and proper grammar education.

One parent said, “Schools may get safer, but our kids don’t get smarter.”

Many people were critical, but I’m sure there are readers who say the idea is great. As is often the case in the home of former President Donald Trump, at least two of his respondents verbally attacked us for asking this question.

See here for plan details. Below is a largely unedited response received by

Gale: Again “DeScamus” is pandering for votes. He would like to see his own children taught in classrooms with unqualified and untrained “teachers”. Another one of his ridiculous ideas!

Anonymous: You insulted every veteran who has ever served in the military by assuming that they are not qualified to be teachers. Are you really so ignorant that you think someone capable of defending your country can’t be a teacher? Ironically, this is because “educated” people who are teachers tend to teach their children that men can get pregnant.

Ann: As if our school wasn’t bad enough.

Don: The program could go a step further by allowing retired teachers to work only 3-4 hours a day.

Kenneth: He really wants to keep the population as stupid as possible.The teachers are trained in proven methods. He wants inexperienced people, so he won’t pay them more. We all know what a good education can do if every parent and grandparent in this state is unarmed. Not to mention this lame excuse for the Governor, the humans must be defeated!

David: What a great idea. Bring teachers with real-world experience into the classroom. Her two-year apprenticeship with financial support to pursue a bachelor’s degree is a fair reward, especially for veterans wishing to enter the teaching profession.

Marlene: This is a great point from the governor. If it’s missing, why would testing be difficult for people? Passing an exam does not mean quality or genius. Experience and practice make people better. Teach, assess and qualify degree holders.

Pole: As a junior high and high school science teacher for over 35 years in New York, I am ashamed to think that an uncertified teacher could teach biology, physics, or chemistry to prepare students for college. I think it should. Governor DeSantis Did Harvard have unqualified teachers? Do your children attend public schools, or are they spoiled for private school with few children in classes with certified teachers? The time has come for educators to be treated in terms of being financially rewarded for their education, hard work and dedication.

Celia: Are you a liberal publication? The headline of this article is malicious and misleading. Clearly meant to mock our governor. There is more to the story. They are in need of teacher assistants and other multiple positions in the school. My children are adults now, but throughout my school years I have come across many certified teachers with masters who do not do business in front of children.
I applaud Governor DeSantis for trying to come up with a solution.

Richard: No way? Yes, it sounds pretty silly and cut from the same cloth as the “my ignorance is as much as your knowledge” spiel, but it still drives everything Trump does. But I recall my own experience. After graduating from college and working in the lower echelons of US corporations for a year or so, he decided not to wait to be drafted into the Navy. They sent me to one of their “A” schools and I was very impressed with the competence of the teachers. She taught the curriculum with the care, compassion and patience that most classes in high school lacked. If people like this want to do this job, I see no reason why they can’t do a good job.

Ann: The governor is at least trying to remedy and address our state’s acute teacher shortage. The previous governor only burdened teachers by cutting pensions and adding unnecessary grades. Using community members with real-life experience serving their community and country seems like a great way to address the shortage. You’re trying to discredit an initiative that might help schools and children. Stick to your crime report.

Mara: This is a great opportunity for retired veterans and first responders to continue serving their communities. Many veterans retire young due to completion of service or injury. We’re not talking about your grandfather here. They must have the necessary qualifications to initiate the process.

Robert: Your headline and related comments sound more like Pelosi/Schumer criticism than actual news reporting. Politicize the report and you’ll lose me and many other readers. Read the full report to understand how this program works. fed up!

Marilyn: Glad we don’t have school age kids in Florida. I don’t want my children to be taught by untrained people.

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