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Should the Panthers put more pressure on Baker Mayfield?

of carolina panthers We’re in the middle of a quarterback battle. However, all signs point to: baker mayfield rather than being their starter Sam Darnold.

Mayfield took the rep in the top offensive unit in the Panthers’ preseason opener against the Washington Commanders. Did.

Emmanuel Acho wasn’t sure the Panthers were taking the right approach, comparing Mayfield to certain superheroes when explaining why.

“Baker Mayfield is like The Incredible Hulk,” Acho said on Tuesday’s “Speak for Yourself.” “When the Incredible Hulk is stressed, he activates his superpower. In the same breath, when Baker Mayfield is challenged, he activates his superpower.”

Acho traced nearly every season of Mayfield’s career back to when he was a freshman in college, citing getting his first quarterback job at Texas Tech University as a walk-on. took advantage of Mayfield’s time at So he had to win his first job as a walk-on before getting Heisman for more proof.

In the NFL, Acho noted Mayfield’s rookie and third season with the Cleveland Browns as an even dumber who succeeds when challenged. Mayfield has to beat Tyrod Taylor to earn his first job as a rookie and proves himself in his third season, disappointing second year. I had to.

Acho believes Mayfield wasn’t challenged enough in his second and fourth seasons with the Browns, resulting in both losing seasons. I think it is possible.

“Let’s get into the Carolina Panthers,” Acho said. “Challenge Baker Mayfield to look like the Incredible Hulk. They won’t. They seem to give him the job.”

Joy Taylor took a different approach.She didn’t debate whether the Panthers were taking the right or wrong approach. Rather, she believes Mayfield needs to change. his approach.

“I’m really not into people who have to play mind games with me to work,” Taylor said. “Do you know what your motivation is? It’s the check you get every two weeks. I get paid to work, so no one has to tell me to go to work.” So I’m going to work on how I’m wired. And that’s how my quarterback is wired.

The season ahead is going to be an important season for Mayfield. He’s in the final season of his rookie deal and only traded with the fifth conditional pick in July, so he may have to prove he’s starter material this season.

Taylor wants Mayfield to stop thinking like a “loser”.

“The challenge is you’re an NFL quarterback,” Taylor said. “It’s a very competitive position. There aren’t many jobs like that in the world. That should already motivate you.

“I hear you, you’re number 1 overall. You were a Heisman Trophy winner. You’re no loser anymore, my man! You’ve arrived. There are 47 progressive commercials. Underdogs for me.” Everything gets tired.”

The Panthers will face the New England Patriots in Game 2 of the preseason on Friday, and Carolina coach Matt Rule has hinted that he will then decide who will be the starter.

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