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Star Wars' Amandla Stenberg claims it's her 'destiny' to be a victim of cancellation culture

Throughout the history of Star Wars on Disney+, the franchise has mostly stayed true to the more familiar era of the Star Wars timeline. for example, mandalorian When boba fett book occur between Return of the Jedi When force awakens, both obi wan kenobi When Andor happens between Revenge of the Sith When Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryHowever, with the High Republic-era Disney+ series, everything changes. Acolyte It was reportedly built around actress Amandla Stenberg.

Stenberg knows blockbuster franchises well.Her first breakout role was in 2012 hunger game As a young 12-year-old tribute Rue.

In the years that followed, Stenberg The Hate You Give, Dear Evan Hansenand more recently, body body bodyhas received both negative and positive attention for its candor and activism on social media.

following the release of body body body and ahead AcolyteStenberg opened up about his experiences with cancellation culture and not expecting it to end anytime soon.

Star Wars acolyte actress comments on cancellation culture

Star Wars Acolyte, Amanda Stenberg
Star Wars

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Amandla Stenberg answered questions about her personal experience with cancellation culture “Do you mind if it’s canceled?” While confessing that she likely “Fate.”

“I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I no longer have to live with perverse, perverse Catholic guilt. This guilt that seems to derive from the church.The world has decided that I’m not going to heaven, so be it.See you in hell!”

Regarding criticism of her role choices and personal stance, Stenberg explained the fact that she likes “Speaking openly about who you are” What is “Invite some cancellations from the far right:”

“I like to speak candidly about who I am, which invites cancellations from the far right. There are people on the far left who think I’m in collusion with the entertainment industry.”

Star Wars actress says how she handles backlash from all directions “That’s my destiny.”

“I don’t know. I’ve been canceled many times, but from different sides of politics, from different angles. It really taught me that it was my destiny.”

In addition to drawing criticism for her role choices and personal statements, Stenberg says she’s been offered more roles and plays as a biracial black actress with lighter skin. This issue has been addressed. “Everything I Can’t Control:”

“I think I would care more if we lived in a culture where people read and listen. It doesn’t matter how many ways you try to fair the privilege you have or how you try to signal it outwardly of virtue. It’s not a business. If I act responsibly and ethically and act with extreme care in my immediate community, that’s all I really care about at this point.

In addition to speaking about the cancellation culture she’s personally experienced, Stenberg also shared her thoughts on canceling characters on the big screen.

not only does she not “I want to see the story of a good person” However, the actress said that canceling a bad character is “Putting terrible people on screen and making them laugh when necessary is detrimental to what cinema is supposed to be.”

She further added that “Healthy Ways to Banish Demons:”

“This is a very healthy way for us to banish demons. If we could take them in our hands and splatter them on the silver screen and take a closer look, perhaps we would become more aware of them.” You can, and you’ll be able to laugh while you’re laughing.

How Stenberg’s Stance Leads to The Acolyte

Cancellations have affected many stars in recent years, and Stenberg isn’t wrong when she admits it’s her destiny.

Social media not only provides an opportunity to publicly criticize individuals, but it is also an opportunity to express opinions and beliefs that others disagree with. You can’t have one without the other.and i like stenberg “Speak candidly” she explained it best when she said “I invite you to cancel some.”

It’s been interesting to hear the backlash she’s received from various sides and her take on not wanting to cancel bad characters and villains in the film in particular. Acolyte It is expected to bring out the dark side.

Little is known about the upcoming series, but Acolyte It will focus on characters being taught the ways of the Sith at a time when the dark side begins to grow stronger.

Fans can learn more about the Disney+ show and Amandla Stenberg’s involvement at Disney+ Day on September 9 or at the D23 Expo beginning September 10.

Acolyte It will be released on Disney+ in 2023.