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Sweetgreen was not built for post-pandemic culture

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Sweetgreen is looking for ways to stay green and stay casual restaurant chain announced in this week’s earnings report. its revenue isn’t has kept pace with forecasts, and as a result, the company plans to lay off 5% of its support center workforce, among other cost-cutting measures such as shrinking office space.The news caused stock prices to plummet as blue cheese of Buffalo chicken bowl.what I happened to be at the restaurant Sweetgreen. was soon synonymous with avid millennials The quest for self-optimization?

Are you in trouble with Sweet Green?

It’s easy to say that this unfortunate event was the result of a pandemic. Most of the world’s bad business predictions areInterestingly, it also pandemic recovery This derailed Sweetgreen’s 2022 sales forecast.

As CNBC explains“Management has announced an “unprecedented level of summer travel”, a delay in returning to the office, And another wave of new Covid-19 cases. “Sweetgreen has done a lot to establish itself as the quintessential corporate office her ranch, so its continued success will depend on whether the company makes a full return to these corporate offices.” increase. (In fact, until recently, there weren’t any Sweetgreens within a few miles of my house. I’d only been near them when I was at work.)

I can’t imagine too many people ordering the Harvest Bowl even on vacation.At the level at which Americans book summer travel surpass Even in the pre-pandemic year of travel 2019, Sweetgreen’s weekday business has been robbed of its fair share by the PTO. Converting this to sales yields: per CNBC:

This year Sweetgreen now expects annual revenue of $480 million to $500 million, below its previous forecast of $515 million to $535 million. The chain also revised its outlook for same-store sales, projecting growth of 13% to 19% from its previous forecast of 20% to 26%.

This is about 3 million Kale Caesar discrepancies.

“In retrospect, we were wrong on many of these calls,” Sweetgreen CFO Mitch Reback said on the company’s conference call.

Despite a drop in popularity this year, Sweetgreen continues to make interesting moves to secure its future.last year it the spice i gota company focused on robot-powered restaurant tech, with its sights set on the suburbs A new drive-thru conceptCan it regain its reputation as the ideal lunch for highly capable people, or is it made for a world weary of optimization?

As Gia Tolentino once wrote“I go to Sweetgreen on days when I have to eat my veggies right away because I’ve been working until 1 a.m. all week and I have to work until 1 a. Because there is no“Grab” a salad and eat it within 10 minutes while looking at your email. Maybe Sweetgreen will just become the go-to lunch choice for career-oriented office her workers, something many of their formerly loyal customers didn’t want.