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The Center for Black Excellence and Culture: New UW-Madison Dean Mnookin Visits The Center Site

President Mnookin calls the center a ‘real opportunity’ for UW to advance Wisconsin ideas through research and teaching collaborations

Madison, Wisconsin – August 18, 2022 – Jennifer Mnookin, dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, spoke last week with Alex Gee, founder and CEO of The Center for Black Excellence and Culture, in a demonstration of her first week priorities. Attended the PhD, toured the following sites and discussed the wealth of opportunities. Regarding future cooperation with universities.

The visit highlights the role the center plays as a unique cultural gathering space, with tangible impact across the community, from Black youth leadership development to wellness, entrepreneurial opportunities and more.

The project will account for $30 million in private/public donations, will have new market tax credits expected, and will garner support from organizations and individuals across nearly every sector, including business, government, education, healthcare, and finance. are gathering rapidly. Last week, the center received her $250,000 matching grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation.

UW-Madison News: A week later, Mnookin and community partners discuss improving access to education and closing racial disparities

Author: Doug Erickson

August 12, 2022

Main excerpt:

  • Currently a largely unused piece of land, within a few years this site on Madison’s south side is expected to be home to a Center for Black Excellence and Culture. Country.
  • Describing the project and showing the site to UW-Madison President Jennifer L., Reverend Alex Gee, the center’s founder and CEO, said, “We strive for black excellence.” I want to make it a hub for people who want to meet each other.” He is Mnookin on Thursday, August 11, 2022.
  • Seven days into his career, Mnookin, the university’s thirtieth leader, continued to meet and learn from people in new cities and states.
  • In sharing his vision for the new cultural center, Mr. Gee emphasized his desire to build on the center, respect its participants, and collaborate with universities on research that would benefit them.
  • Mnookin called it a powerful and important vision. “This is a real opportunity for us,” she told Gee. It’s an opportunity to find a new lane to do your diligent research. teeth Wisconsin idea. “

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About the Center for Black Excellence and Culture:

The Center for Black Excellence and Culture (The Center) answers the decades-long lack of a cultural space to celebrate and develop Dane County’s Black community. Located on six acres in the heart of the historically black neighborhood, The Center is a place where Dane County Black residents and people across the community can come together to plan and celebrate their current and future growth and progress. It will be a physical place where you can.

Specifically, the Center will: Celebrate and promote black excellence. A tribute to black history. Develop and develop Black business and community leaders. Attracting, connecting, and retaining black talent. Provide space for conversation, connection and growth. For more information on the center, please visit: https://www.theblackcenter.organization/Organizations and individuals can donate to the Center at: https://www.theblackcenter.organization/donation.