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Trump has been 'basically at war' with the FBI since 2016

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  • Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe said Trump has been “basically at war” with the FBI since 2016.
  • McCabe said the sustained attacks had a “corrosive effect” on morale within the agency.
  • He also said attacks against the FBI were not sufficiently countered by political leaders.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said Friday that former President Donald Trump has been “basically at war” with law enforcement since 2016, with the former president’s Mar-a-Lago mansion being demolished by the federal government. After being searched, warned of the risks posed to agents. civil servant last week.

McCabe, who first joined the FBI in 1996 and was promoted to deputy director under Director James Comey in 2016, said during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” that Trump’s sustained broadening against the agency By going to the side, the “trust” necessary to be active in such an environment.

“There’s no question that the working conditions for FBI agents are getting tougher. It’s gotten worse over the last five or six years, right?” he said.

“Trump has basically been at war with the FBI since he launched a lawsuit against his campaign in July 2016. It has a corrosive effect on their ability to get their jobs done.”

McCabe then spoke about the real danger of political extremism, pointing to last week’s high-profile incident in which an armed man attempted to force his way into an FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to The Washington Post, suspect Ricky Schiffer is a frequent contributor to Trump’s Truth social platform, in a series of posts that appear to refer to his feelings about the Mar-a-Lago search. I was posting.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that FBI agents recovered 11 sets of classified documents from the president’s office.

“This is a very powerful example of the current state of threat in this country and how easily the threat of political violence can be accessed by Donald Trump and directed by him,” McCabe said. Assuming investigations confirm that the person’s motive was in fact to attack the FBI, he issued a statement shortly after the search warrant in Mar-a-Lago on Monday.

He continued: , as he did on Monday, about the possibility that the FBI is planting evidence in his residence, we all know there is absolutely no evidence produced for it.

The day after the FBI investigation, Mar-a-Lago.

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McCabe said Trump, who lost his 2020 re-election to current President Joe Biden and is set to launch the 2024 campaign within the next few months, continues to wield considerable influence in the political arena. said repeatedly.

McCabe said such influence also extends to those who may have more radical views of government.

“He knows these extreme beliefs can have an incredibly inspiring effect on those who force them to act violently. ‘It’s incredibly dangerous.'”

Emphasizing that FBI agents continue to do important work every day across the country, McCabe said political leaders have made little effort to deny attacks against the FBI.

“My question for political leadership on both sides is, where are you?” he said. “It’s bad enough that their own rhetoric is pushing some of these extremists in that direction. They should actively try to quell this.”

“They should make a statement of responsibility and genuine patriotism in whatever investigation they’re into,” he added.

The release of the FBI’s search warrant and property list for the Mar-a-Lago search last week revealed that investigators were looking for documents related to possible espionage law violations. government.

Trump is also being investigated for possible obstruction of justice.

Last August, McCabe said Trump was “threatening members of law enforcement” over his call for “justice” for the Capitol police officer who killed mobster Ashley Babbitt on Jan. 6, 2021. Stated.

In March 2018, McCabe announced that he would be retiring after an Inspector General’s General Report said McCabe had not reported on leaks to newspapers about the use of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the near future. Hours earlier, he was fired from the FBI by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Private Mail Server Issues – A problem Trump used repeatedly against the former first lady in his successful 2016 presidential election.

McCabe sued for his dismissal, claiming his employment was terminated for political reasons.

Last year, the Department of Justice reversed his dismissal and he regained his full pension, along with other benefits.