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Virginia Museum of History and Culture and Community Foundation Announce Five-Year Partnership

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The Greater Richmond Community Foundation, a leading partner and advocate for philanthropy and service, and the Museum of Virginia History and Culture have unveiled a five-year strategic partnership focused on new and expanded community programs.

“The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, which has doubled down on its promise to be a dynamic and inclusive museum of the future. We share the Museum’s ongoing commitment to sharing stories and engaging new audiences into the conversation,” said Scott Blackwell, Chief Community Impact Officer for the Community Foundation.

As active contributors to the health and prosperity of our communities, both the Community Foundation and VMHC will build on this partnership by building on our respective strengths and using it as an opportunity to create a public space, either a historical museum or a charitable cause. We are committed to redefining what it means to be a collective. A forum where diverse members of the community gather to consider issues in the context of culture and history.

To kick off this exciting and innovative partnership, the Community Foundation will act as a signing sponsor of VMHC’s Created Equal film series. It is a series of documentary films that explore diversity and equity-based themes such as race, housing, environment and immigration.

The Created Equal film series was established by VMHC in 2013 to honor museum trustee and Virginia civil rights activist Reverend Grady Powell.

Jamie Bosket, President and CEO of VMHC, said: “Our vision is to be an institution that sparks conversation, fosters awareness, and reflects all Virginians. We continue to share Virginia’s ever-evolving story by shedding light on the issues that matter most to us.”

This series of free film screenings will allow families, friends, colleagues and neighbors to watch and discuss inspiring stories of people who boldly and creatively faced social challenges. face today.

“Together, we want to draw attention to the issue of equity through the inspiring stories of creative, dedicated, and pioneering Virginians. Their experiences draw from our past. It will help connect the lessons of the past with the opportunities needed to pave the way for a more equitable future, said Blackwell.”

Guests can expect to connect with each other through deeper context on key issues in the community, inspiration from those who have paved the way for progress, and a shared commitment to building momentum. Guests will also receive resources outlining how to get locally involved in the issues being discussed.

Film series include:

  • August 24 – “I heard”
  • October 12 – “What You Can Do: Women’s Suffrage in Virginia”
  • December 13 – “Wall Repair”
  • February 16 – “Raised/Razed”

For more information on the Created Equal film series, please visit