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Women's sports powerhouse Ali Chambers has the ball

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For Ali Chambers, who coined the phrase “The WNBA is so important” and lives that truth every day, collaborating with Wilson on a redesigned basketball felt like a natural extension of her work. .

“If we want more equity, we’re going to represent the WNBA because we want to raise awareness of women’s sports,” said Chambers. “It’s really essential that we make that investment.”

Wilson agreed with this, which is why he approached Chambers to help design the ball. Time is ticking in the WNBA — the most recognizable league of all time, and no one captures the zeitgeist more perfectly than the Chambers. of this progress.

On Wednesday, August 17th, you’ll get to see the $96.19 ball for the first time at Wilson’s store in Columbus Circle and meet Chambers where she lives. Wherever women’s sport is growing.

This encounter is no coincidence.

Chambers is the creator of HighlightHer, a social network and reporting outlet under Bleacher Report. And it’s no surprise that Chambers has surpassed her 200,000 followers on her Instagram account alone, boldly taking the lead with a no-holds-barred approach to telling the story of women’s sport.

“I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with the magnitude of movement,” Chambers said when asked about that big round number. “And that’s something I’ll have to work on myself. But it shows there’s a demand for it.”

Chambers never rests on his laurels. She was able to stay alone in the women’s basketball space. The places she admitted were filled with people she had known for years, often growing up with.

“If we’re going to mainstream this, we have to mainstream all women’s sports,” Chambers said. “That means I’m in Huntington Beach to cover the surfing of the US Open. I think you can be a better journalist as long as you listen to it.”

Chambers always listens and people always listen to her. You can find her everywhere these days, but her true love is her WNBA, and she’s also widely understood for her role in improving her sport.

Chambers has no hidden intentions. The ball includes a tribute to her home state of North Carolina and the price reflects a significant moment in women’s history. The year the WNBA was announced is her 96, 19th Amendment, and 19 for women’s suffrage. This message is written.

“This basketball is dedicated to the future of storytelling and celebrates game-changing experiences for women and non-binary athletes around the world.”

It’s hard to think of a better way to sum up Chambers’ own influence.