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Zendure addresses energy shortages with semi-solid battery technology

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Palo Alto, California, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zendure, one of the fastest growing startups in the energy technology sector, is on a mission to give everyone access to reliable and affordable energy, with a new weapon brought allies into battle. -Solid state battery technology.

Semi-solid-state batteries boast higher energy density and better damage tolerance than lithium phosphate ion (LiFePO4) batteries, providing homes and businesses with more energy storage and enhanced product safety.

“Recent natural disasters, grid failures, and rising energy costs have become major concerns for communities around the world. When people and communities lack access to electricity for even one day, it means the comfort of modern life is compromised. It’s not just about convenience and convenience, rather energy is about survival and connectivity, and Zendure provides solutions that make energy security and long-term cost savings possible.” Brian LiuCEO and Founder of Zendure.

Since the industrial revolution, global annual temperatures have increased by a little over 1 degree Celsius in total. NRDC, leading to aggravation of the global warming problem. This contributes to heatwaves and other adverse weather conditions, creating serious problems for people in vulnerable areas.

Recently, the U.S. government has addressed global warming byBiggest spending ever by a single country to fight climate change in a single push,” according to the Associated Press.

texasThe rapidly growing population is struggling to meet the needs of the nearly 30 million people who already live there. Natural gas is the state’s primary source of energy, especially during periods of high demand. Last winter’s storms left millions of Texans without heating and electricitycausing serious financial damage and a humanitarian crisis.

According to natural gas analyst S&P Global Platts Parker Fawcett, the collection line freezes, the well becomes extremely cold, and the pump loses power. As a result, gas and liquid fuels do not reach the communities that need them, and millions of people are cut off from access to healthcare, health care, communications and emergency services.

Zendure plans to tackle power outages and other infrastructure failures with its new portable high-performance power station, the SuperBase V, the first powered by a semi-solid battery. SuperBase V is suitable for a variety of applications, including home backup power, mobile living, and portable EV charging, and has several industry-leading features.

  • First system with semi-solid battery for enhanced capacity and safety
  • 120V/240V dual voltage in one unit
  • 6.4kWh to 64kWh expandable capacity
  • Up to 6.6kW dual charging
  • Solar input up to 3,000W
  • Independent RV output from satellite extended battery
  • Support for public charging stations and level 2 charging of electric vehicles

About Zendule

Zendure is one of the fastest growing clean energy tech startups based in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area. Chinese Silicon Valley. Zendure’s goal is to enable anywhere, anytime energy access and democratize the latest energy technologies to power on-grid and off-grid lifestyles in a clean and affordable way.Learn more about and follow us Facebook, Instagram, twitter When LinkedIn.

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